Bless Nursery and Primary School, India

Bless Nursery and Primary School

Trees, Banyan and Peepal – the trees will shelter their playground

ERS supported a tree nursery of 30 Tree saplings in the School complex and 20 more Tree saplings in the playground area. The varieties include Neem, Punkan, Vagai, Peepal and Banyan.

The school is located in an area which is very arid and of hot temperature; the aim is to try and create as much shade as possible – the trees in fact distil the environment and make the area better place to live in. Also, it is thought, the Neem and Punkan varities of trees absorb plenty of carbon dioxide.

The BLESS Charity, which is associated with Shanthivanam Ashram, is involved in the educational service to the socially and economically underprivilged rural children based at Inungur village in Tamil Nadu State of South India .

“We aspire to impart a Quality Education at a very minimum cost to the rural children.” ┬áSenthil Kumar


Sukkampatty Road
Inunugr Post
Kulithalai Taluk
Karur District
Tamil Nadu


Contact person:

A. Senthil Kumar