Llangeitho Primary School, Wales

Llangeitho Primary School

In May,  ERS representative Angie Polkey worked with Llangeitho Primary School to give every student in the school the chance to be involved in Tree Planting.

Students Involved:  An event that took place over the whole day, each year group had the opportunity to participate in a fun workshop before heading across the road to have the opportunity to plant their own tree in a permanent home. Local landowners Robert and Ceinor Thomas fenced off a strip of their land opposite the school so that a colourful grove of trees and shrubs can be planted for all to enjoy.

Planting Day Operations:

The holes for the trees were pre-pared by a group of community volunteers, as the soil in the area was dense and rocky.  This allowed for easy planting on the actual planting day and added an extra element of community involvement.

The students were taken to the planting site in their year groups and split into pairs. Each pair was assigned a parent or guardian helper to assist with the process.

Each pair was given a tree (or two) to plant and protect.  As the site was the permanent location for the saplings, extra steps were taken to ensure the security and permanency of the root ball.

These saplings live and grow happily next to the school yard for the students to enjoy for years and years to come.

A ceremony and flower presentation was attended at the end of the day by the entire school to honour the contribution Mr and Mrs Thomas had made to the school and the students education.

Educational Acitivites: Before planting, each year group of students attended a 45 minute activity workshop focusing on the positives of tree planting, the environment and the requirements of a growing tree. These workshops involved active role play and communication as the students used their imaginations to become the trees themselves and discover some of the difficulties that each tree may come across on its journey of growth.

Parent and project coordinator Rachel Culyer said:

“The school is tremendously grateful to Robert and Ceinor Thomas who made this project possible. The Tree Nurseries in Schools scheme really helps to develop a school’s outlook and encourage it to look much wider that the normal educational remit. The spin offs include benefits for the wider community as well as the children.”