The Polygon School, Southampton

sapThe Polygon School is a behavioural school in Southampton, working with pupils for whom mainstream education is not appropriate. Their outdoor education programme is very popular and the pupils benefit from it a great deal. They received  50 tree saplings from ERS to set up their own School Tree Nursery in March 2016. Teacher David Patchell has kindly provided this feedback and a photo of their planting day.

“After signing up to the School Tree Nursery Programme, we were selected this year to be one of the chosen schools to receive a nursery.  With small tree saplings donated to us by the Earth Restoration Service we have started a tree nursery on the allotment.  In all, 50 saplings arrived in March and included; hazel, goat willow, wild cherry, silver birch, oak and hornbeam. Some of the hazel were planted directly into the cleared ground in the park (see below). The rest will either be planted in the park next winter, given to partner schools and projects that are working, like us, on improving our environment. Thank you to ERS for helping our pupils achieve their full potential!”