Port Regis Pre-Prep and Nursery School

Staff have been busy at Port Regis Pre-Prep and Nursery developing  awareness of environmental issues through weekly assemblies, discussion and classroom activities which have been woven into topic and curriculum work, so reducing their impact on their environment and the world as a whole, which has inspired the school to take action and change where needed.

Initiatives, opportunities and activities have developed through discussion with the children as a result.

They have taken positive steps to reduce their energy consumption by carrying out energy surveys and audits in years 1 and 3, with positive action being taken when lights are left on and windows left open in the chill of winter and spring. They also monitor their electricity usage  to see what further improvements can be made over time, benefiting the school as a whole  and our planet too.

They have also improved their recycling and are actively encouraging parents who are not on a country council recycling route to use the recycling bins now available at their school for plastic, bottles, cans, card, juice cartons, foil and paper.

Children and  adults planted over 100 native trees  to create a copse in which wildlife can thrive as well as having the environmental benefits of off-setting some carbon use within the school, along with trees in time filtering pollution and releasing oxygen for our ultimate gain.