Park School

Park School provides a human scale and holistic education for children aged 3 to 11 years, set in the beautiful surroundings of a country estate. The school has an emphasis on the practical teaching of environmental education, along with the teaching of English, Maths, Music and Art.

There are approximately 70 children in this small school, where parents take a truly involved role, and both parents and children are active contributors to the life of this innovative school. While staff have a sound knowledge of the ‘early learning goals’ and the numeracy and literacy strategies, they are not bound by the national curriculum. The children learn and grow in an environment that includes fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and chickens. Parents and staff draw on this environment to underpin and demonstrate aspects of the subjects that the pupils learn here.

The School Tree Nursery Programme fit very well in to the school’s ethos and appreciation of their green surroundings, and they are very grateful to us for giving the children the opportunity to help restore the earth.

The children planted our approximately 40 trees in collaboration with Moor Trees.