Uplands School, Swindon

Uplands school joined our programme in February 2013, and have started to develop their own school tree nursery. Teacher Catherine Marr provided this feedback:

The trees provided by the Earth Restoration Service will be used to enhance our Memorial Garden, which we established two years ago in memory of deceased pupils. We are a school for pupils with severe and profound learning difficulties, and 2010 was a very sad year with 5 deaths. The Memorial Garden is a beautiful quiet space where staff and pupils can go to enjoy the sensory experience. It is also a work site where I encourage our more able students to develop their work skills in a practical way.

The garden has an old field border hedge along one side, and has small individual trees planted as memorials in other parts of the area. I will use your donations as much as possible in the Memorial Garden siting them as appropriate to the space. The exception being the oak, which I would like to use in a place where it can ultimately give shade in our playground when it has had time to grow sufficiently.