TASIS American School, Thorpe, Surrey

TASIS American School Participated in our School Tree Nursery Programme in January 2013, and have given us an update:

Our fifty woodland tree saplings were delivered to the school a day early, on 16 January 2013, but unfortunately we had to delay the planting for eight days before the ground and weather conditions had improved after a sudden snowfall and freezing temperatures. This meant rescheduling the visits by the six different Lower School classes that wanted to take part in the planting. But, thanks to the flexibility of their teachers, eventually just over ninety students, from pre-Kindergarten to fourth grade, came out to lend a hand. Because so many wanted to help, we doubled them up so that each pair of students could work together: removing the marker stick that had been put in place a couple weeks earlier, digging the hole, holding the sapling steady while the partner backfilled, shoving in the bamboo stick, and wrapping the plastic protector around stick and sapling.

We decided not to place the plastic protectors around the oaks and hornbeams since they already had some laterals that might have been damaged by this. But as our “tree nursery” is inside a walled garden, we hope the protection will not be missed.

We did the planting over two days, in fact on a Thursday and the following Monday, and we’re keeping out fingers crossed that the saplings were still in good enough condition, after living in their bag for more than a week, to survive the planting. A few days after the planting, some Upper School students helped to mulch the trees with some of our compost.

The students are looking forward, when the weather improves, to coming out to do some weeding and also to plant some flowers in the “nursery”. Everyone is very excited about the prospect of being able to watch the trees develop over a two or three year period, since most of the plants that students have grown hitherto have been annuals. We haven’t yet begun to think seriously about what we’ll do with the trees later on, but we’ll certainly keep you all informed.

Many thanks to the Earth Restoration Service for making this possible!