South Malling CE Primary School, Lewes, East Sussex

South Malling Tree Nursery, Lewes, East Sussex

The following feedback from Euan Crockett, aged 9:

What can you think of that involves 27 children, some spades, soggy soil, a woods man and some baby trees?

On Friday November 17th, the year 5 class from South Malling Primary School in Lewes went on to their school field to plant some special trees.

Paul, a representative from the Earth Restoration Service, brought some small hazel, ash and oak trees for us to plant on the edge of the school field.  He dug some holes for us and we dug some others.  We held the trees in the holes while he put the soil in around the tree roots.

When they are big enough the trees will be planted somewhere else where they are needed.  We’re looking after them whilst they grow and until they are ready to be planted in the wild.

The reason it’s important to plant trees is because trees provide oxygen – we need them to breathe and to live.  Also, when we cut trees down, we are destroying animal’s habitats. Planting trees is important for humans, animals, birds and insects to live happily and healthily.

It was so great to feel as though I am helping the world by planting the trees.

“People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world which cannot sustain people. ”

Bryce Nelson