Hampshire Collegiate School


On the 4th December 2012, Hampshire Collegiate Prep School pupils were joined by our Flutter Flower Coordinator Marie Buss, to create a wildflower meadow in the school grounds to help restore native habitats and butterfly populations.

The children from Years 1 – 6 worked in small groups throughout the morning to plant a mixture of plugs and pots. In total they planted 800 wild flower plants. The meadow will be flowering this summer and hopefully will attract a large number of butterfly species, both rare and common.

Teacher Fiona Walker said: “We wanted to involve as many children as possible. Everyone worked really hard and thoroughly enjoyed the planting sessions”

Marie commented: “The project gets children outside and gives them an association with nature and the wild environment. ‘The Flutter Flower Programme’ aims to putting habitats back that used to exist. Meadows have decreased up to 90% in many areas. Meadows in schools are a really good idea, as hopefully it will inspire the children to do the same at home.”