January 2011

In early 2011 the school added 100 more trees to their School Tree Nursery; a mix of  Holly, Ash, Oak and Hornbeam.

For each species, they held  a special hall time and talked about the significance of each tree. For Oak they talked of the 200 odd species that lived on the tree and how many of the children remembered doing tree-shakes on a white sheet and observing the 100s of creatures that would fall off – most of them in their hair!  They talked about Oak Apple Day and Carol, their oldest serving teacher, reminded the staff of the day they made oak gall ink.


For Holly, they talked of the different species of holly and some of the folklore. They put out 12 trees in a circle and for each one, a teacher came up to the centre of the hall and told an interesting fact or legend. They used the holly to reinforce a safe area around a walnut tree and it is their hope that this will provide a safe nesting place for bids in the next 10 years or so.


The Ash were planted in gaps in the grounds and in the past their former Headteacher, Sue Humphries, had woven them together so that they grew and joined and created a natural hole for the children to pass through.


The Hornbeam were planted in a strip to make a living hedge between a field and a lower path. This has since been fenced to protect it from straying feet and it is their hope that this becomes a ‘living corridor’ for the wildlife in and around school.