Thurnham Glasson CEP School, Glasson Dock, Lancashire

Thurnham Glasson CEP School, Glasson Dock

The School Tree Nursery will be part of their newly established conservation garden which was completed in June 2008.  At present, they have an area available for the saplings when they arrive in school.

The conservation garden has been under development for 12 months.  Once the saplings are received, this will complete the area with the children taking part in the upkeep of it.

The children will benefit from learning more about the environment in which they live, the life cycle of a tree and others and how to care for living things.

“We really enjoy working in the garden”“It’s cool learning about different plants and bugs and things”

“I like helping to plant and look after things” Children’s feedback so far

The School Tree Nursery programme will allow the children to look after a sapling until it’s ready for planting out in the community.  This will provide cross-curricular links with science, maths, geography, PSHE and ICT and will be a good all-round educational experience.