Penny Bridge CE School, Ulverston, Cumbria

Penny Bridge CE School, Ulverston

Children at Penny Bridge CE school in Ulverston, Cumbria, have created a willow sculpture called a ‘Twigloo’ as well as planting elderflower trees.  Teacher Sheila Jackson said: “The knowledge and understanding of the children relating to the various tree species and other wildlife has been wonderful. Their personal, social and emotional skills have also developed as they have worked together and learned to care for each other and the environment in which they live.” One child said: “I like to draw patterns of the willow where it has been weaved.” Another added: “I love working in the Twigloo because it is fun.” One elderflower was planted in memory of the father of a school pupil who had died. His child said: ”I will come to the elderflower and think of Daddy. It will be my special place.”  Penny Bridge hopes to become a forest school, building on the staff and children’s enthusiasm to plant more trees, using different varieties.