Hemlington Hall Primary School, Middlesbrough, Teeside

Before starting our involvement with the earth restoration service we had a large school field that was bordered
with a hawthorn hedge on one side and had a few trees at the bottom. We decided to plant a
wildlife hedge to create a wildlife area using your plants.

This was and is a great success with the hedge just beginning to fill out. It also led to us planting 350+
of your trees to contour our field. Each child planted their own tree, with parents, and we made it
into a real community event.

Since then we have really developed our school grounds. We have built a large wildlife pond-
bordered by your hawthorn. Created a large growing area where each class has its own veggie bed,
bordered by your beech.

Last year we also became the first primary school in the north east to have our own beehives after
becoming interested through our wildlife works, and have had a trained beekeeper on site to give
taster sessions to the children.

Recently we have planted a field of hope for Marie Curie, bordered by your copper beech, and have
just finished developing the front of the school, building a large covered walkway which has been double
planted with beech and limes from your nursery.

Every plant we have received has been of top notch quality, has been delivered when arranged,
and has enabled us to develop areas we would not have done so if we had to purchase plant
material. Your team has been brilliant in sourcing what I have asked for and I cannot speak highly
enough of your team and the charity.

Since we have developed the grounds we have seen a huge increase in wildlife, we now have
kestrels and sparrow hawks hunting, frogs, toads, foxes, hedgehogs, swifts, swallow and house
martins, all using our field. Birds nest in the new hedgerow and our access to the outdoor curriculum
and the topics within-bio diversity, habitats etc has been enriched beyond measure.

Our children as a result have become immersed in nature, its cycle and its diversity!!