Grand Avenue Primary School

Grand Avenue Primary School

In April, our ERS representative Trudi Selleck worked with Grand Ave Primary School’s Environment Group to set up a School Tree Nursery consisting of 34 Native Trees Students Involved:  Led by Science Teacher Kelly Dixon, the Environment Group consisted of 12 Key Stage 2 Students, from year 3-6, who focused on improvement of the school grounds and environmental contribution in the community.  As the group focused on involvement, each student was invited to bring along one other student, bringing the final number to 23.

Planting Day Operations:

With the help of the School’s care taker, a section of ground was prepared at the back of the school playing area for planting. Each student in the older age group was partnered with a student in the smaller age group to promote team work and communication across the years.

Each group was presented with the appropriate digging equipment and a variety of saplings consisting of Oak, Ash and Willow.  The students worked together, overseen by parents and volunteers, to plant their saplings.

Once the saplings had been planted, the small teams then re-grouped to work as one to help place a protective fence around the trees to ensure the saplings had a safe area for growth.

These saplings currently await their outplanting day in a local park in Surbiton.

Educational Activities: As the students were already focused on improvements to the environment, the educational workshop was focused on the Greenhouse effect, statistics, the positive contributions we can make as a human race and inspiring the community.  The students then looked at care of trees, responsibility and the importance of their role.  The environmental group were also responsible for informing their ‘tree planting guest’ of the benefits of tree planting.

Kelly Dixon said ‘Thank you for a wonderful day, the children were all very excited about what they were doing and it was the talk of the playground!’