Gallions Primary School, Beckton

In March 2011  children and staff from Gallions Primary school, along with volunteers from the Orange Rock Corps, planted in 500 saplings to form two tree nursery areas within their school grounds. Some of the saplings have been planted straight into the ground in a bed area, whilst the rest have been planted into a series of raised beds.

Pupils will study the trees as part of their ‘Lifecycles’ projects, and the school plans to incorporate them into other curriculum areas in due course.

Paul Jackson, Headteacher, says that when the trees are a little bigger they plan  to plant some within their school grounds to create a native hedgerow and woodland area, in addition to which they also hope to work with their local authority and to plant some trees within a local housing estate to help ‘green’ it up.

Pupils and staff have provided us with some wonderful comments and thoughts following their tree nursery creation:

“ I loved being outside – even though it was raining.”

“It’s good to be putting something back for the environment after we take so much out”

“We are aiming to reduce our carbon output as a school with a dream to becoming carbon neutral, planting more trees to help this is fantastic for us and a great learning experience for the children.”