Claremont High School Academy, Harrow

Claremont High School established a school tree nursery in March this year with saplings provided by ERS. Teacher Paul McCann has provided this feedback:

We have planted all the saplings in our school grounds. Some were used to replace failed trees from last year. Many of them have been used to line the perimeters of the school especially where residents’ gardens and fencing backs onto our school. We have planted them on a section of the school playing field where once we had cricket nets – we are hoping they will grow into a very attractive copse attracting birds and offering a shady retreat in summer.

We have also developed an area behind our science and Technology buildings where it is very quiet and undisturbed. We have planted some of the saplings in amongst the raised beds where we are growing herbs and vegetables. We have bird feeders her too and it will be a lovely area of the school where our pupils will earn the privilege to sit and enjoy.