Severndale School, Shropshire

They are a Specialist School for Communication and Interaction, catering for pupils aged between two to nineteen who have profound, severe or moderate learning difficulties.  They planted 1,000 trees in total resulting in 100 yards of hedging and small areas of woodland. In addition they also created a footpath for wheelchair use this Spring and Summer.

This project started about 18 months ago when they contacted a large manufacturing company (Caterpillar) based in Shrewsbury who gave permission and land for them to restore and to plant trees on.  It was a bigger piece of land than expected, and they created a sensory picnic area for their PMLD students in wheelchairs. A “Bird hide” and sensory area was also set up so students can observe their native wildlife and bird life.

By consequence they are now making by hand lots of bird boxes & feeders for the birds and “Bug Hotels” –  this will give the students lots of creative practical skills through their construction.   They also ended up creating a picnic area, which has become  a lunch time rest area for those working for Caterpillar.

Their students gained lots of practical work skills constructing gates, pathway, planting trees and making “real things”.

“This project will give Severndale Specialist School a very valuable resource for years to come, a resource that will develop and grow as our children grow and develop” Bill Jones