Foxyards Primary School, Dudley

Foxyards Primary school  received 50 tree saplings from ERS to set up their own School Tree Nursery in March 2016.  Nursery Teacher Rachel Hannon has kindly provided some feedback and photos of their planting day below.

“I would like to thank you for the donation of trees for our school. I have been working with the school Site Manager to develop an overgrown area of the school grounds into a safe woodland / forest area where children can have first-hand experiences with nature. Your donation of trees has been a significant contribution to the development of this area.

At this stage children in Nursery and Reception have weekly learning opportunities in the forest. Parents of these children were invited into school to plant a tree with their child. It was a brilliant opportunity for parents to see the site and for them and the children to contribute to the development of the site. The tree planting day was a great success. Parents brought in shovels and all 50 saplings were planted. All saplings are labelled with the child’s name with the idea that as the children move through the school they will be able to observe their tree growing. It was a brilliant day for the children and the parents.”

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