Replenishing the Tree Nursery – February 2011

Prior to our second delivery of trees for our tree nursery we decided to have a change around in the school.  We have planted out some of the saplings from our original tree nursery (now two years old) in the an area of the school grounds to  create a small woodland.  This meant we had to move the raised beds we had previously installed to accommodate the tree nursery and relocate it.  On a rather chilly day in February several willing volunteers came along and helped move the beds and large amount of soil to their new location on the school field. A very muddy, but rewarding time was had by all!


Since then the school gardening club have been using their weekly slot to prepare the beds fro the new arrivals and the new forset area. They have been transferring our established trees from the nursery in to large containers and into other plots in the grounds.  5 trees from our tree nursery are going to the local park, but with the summer looking to be a long hot one we have decided to postpone the planting out of these trees until the autumn term.


At the end of March we took delivery of our new saplings for the tree nursery.  All children from the school were involved in planting out the trees in the new beds, with the older children from years 5 and 6 working with the younger children to position and plant the trees.  Since then various classes have taken responsibility  for watering the trees.  The willow trees look particularly pretty now they are coming into bud.


Over the next few weeks we are going to be contacting several local services to see if they require any trees from our original nursery as we nweed to rehome these, this is a good enterprise projects for the children in our older years groups.  We have been using the website which promotes little actions that make the world a better place. Action number 007 is plant a tree and we were able to click that action as completed 75 times!