Templewood Primary School, Welwyn Garden City, Herfordshire

– staff and children have been working hard with the Wood Wardens of Sherrardswood Park Wood Warden’s Society to get their tree nursery project underway.

Templewood Primary School, Welwyn Garden City

They have been purchasing equipment such as root trainers and some Duneman raised beds together with various components to make up compost.  They have also had an outside tap installed.  This was following advice they received during the summer holiday when a group of the wood wardens went to visit a local tree nursery to get some first hand experience on growing trees from seeds and cuttings in a tree nursery.

On 9th October the Year 5 class accompanied by the wood wardens went up into the woods to undertake the first seed collection – it is a poor year for acorns and they struggled to find any, but they succeeded in collecting lots of hawthorn berries and a fair amount of hazelnuts. The wood wardens also taught the children all about the different tree varieties, plants and wildlife it was a wonderful experience for them.

The wardens will be sourcing more saplings to be collected during the next few weeks.  They have managed to clear invasive rhododendrons in preparation for replanting of native trees.