Rudham School

Rudham School, East Rudham – The children set up a tree nursery in their grounds and planted in 125 native saplings in 2008.

In 2009, now that the saplings have reached maturity, they are now ready to plant out and have secured 5 sites. One they have let the local Brownies do their planting target on (at the local Village Hall where they meet). Some have been used to replant a hedge row which had been allowed to die off (along with some hedging shrubs they had been given). They are taking a large group of children to Aldiss Country Park in Fakenham a lovely area alongside the river Wensum which a group of volunteers maintain and they will be planting quite a lot there.  Some more are to be planted in a hedge at the back of the Ex Air field at Sculthorpe along side Sculthorpe Moor. Any remainder will be planted on the Old Stone Pit site in East Rudham.