Bedford Modern School

Bedford Modern School received saplings for their own tree nursery in February 2013. Sustainability Coordinator and Teacher Benjamin Day has given us this update:

On 28th February the dedicated Eco-club members namely Joe Spencer, David Naylor, Jamie Brown, Tristan Cockerill and new member Rian Howe helped to plant 45 trees on the school site. The Eco-club has an aim of increasing biodiversity on the school site. This was started last year by the planting of 9 fruit trees in the area to the north of Diggers wood. Before half term the Earth Restoration Service (a national charity) donated 50 trees to the school, 5 of which have been sown in pots for planting at a later date. These included Maple, Wild Cherry and Mountain Ash. In a frenetic lunch period the dedicated Eco team managed to plant 45 trees in 45 minutes. Working as a cohesive unit holes were dug, a home- made compost of leaf mulch was added and the tree saplings were planted, complete with rabbit guards and bamboo canes to aid growth. After this rapid planting the students dashed back to school to clean up and get to afternoon lessons. The next stage in the Biodiversity project is to construct a ‘woodland classroom’ and possibly a pond later this year. Thanks go to the Earth Restoration service for supplying the trees and to Mr Day and Mr White for overseeing the planting operation.

tree planting 2tree planting1