The ERS School Tree Nurseries Programme and the School Flutter Flower Programme are providing a service to both the community and the environment by helping children in schools to learn about the environment and to plant trees and create wildflower meadows in order to restore their local degraded habitats.

Sanders School, Essex

April 12th, 2016

Sanders School received 50 tree saplings from ERS to set up their own School Tree Nursery in March 2016. They have planted the trees as part of their new year 9 ecology club, and are now monitoring the trees progress. Science teacher Hazel Crago has kindly provided some photos of their planting day below.

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Hinchingbrooke Academy, Huntingdon

April 4th, 2016

rse2Hinchingbrooke Academy is a secondary school in Camridgeshire with approx. 1800 students on roll, situated on a large site and fortunate to have Hinchingbrooke House, a listed historical property on their grounds (see right).

Last year they set up a new Student Eco Committee and applied to receive trees from ERS as their first Eco project. In March 2016 the school received 50 saplings from us to set up their own school tree nursery. Rosie Eacott has kindly provided this feedback and some photos from their tree planting event.

“Just thought I would let you know that we had a very successful tree planting event.  Our Eco students were joined by the Town Mayor, representatives from the Environment Department of the local council, former student (also involved in a local archeological tree project), local press, our school’s tree surgeon as well as local Councillors and a representative from the Town Council/Huntingdon in Bloom.”rse











Holme on Spalding Moor Primary School, East Yorkshire

March 21st, 2016

In April 2013, ERS sent Holme on Spalding Primary School 100 tree saplings to establish a school tree nursery. These were planted and looked after by the school’s gardening club. Three years later, some of these trees have been planted around the school site, but on a recent Saturday morning the majority were distributed to parents and members of the local community, whilst still dormant. The response to the school’s publicity was excellent, with all the saplings being claimed within one and a half hours! Mark Alston has kindly provided some photos showing how the trees have developed at the school over the last 3 years.









Broughton Junior School, Aylesbury

March 17th, 2016

Broughton Junior School received 50 tree saplings from ERS to set up their own School Tree Nursery in January 2016. They have planted the trees as part of their plan to create a relaxing nature area for the children on the school fields. Teacher Joe Hyde has kindly provided some photos of their planted tree nursery below.

hyde hyde1









Lady Modifords Primary School, Devon

March 15th, 2016

Lady Modifords Primary, a small School of 68 pupils received 50 tree saplings from ERS to set up their own School Tree Nursery in January 2016. Teacher Anne Williams has kindly provided some photos showing how their tree saplings have been growing well since their planting day with pupils earlier this year.

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Ash Grove Farm Nursery, Chester

March 8th, 2016

Ash Grove Farm Nursery received 50 tree saplings from ERS to set up their own School Tree Nursery in January 2016. Teacher Alison Dixon has provided some photos from their tree planting day for us below.

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Restoring A River Back To Health

March 7th, 2016

Our new campaign – Breathing Waterways, featuring Andreas Kornevall, Charlotte Still, Claire Whistler, Pete the Pond, Aaron Jangaard, and other volunteers.

The work we did on this river is essential as the polluted water run into the Pevensey Levels (county of Sussex) – a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), containing many of the UK’s rarest and endangered flower species and invertebrates, all especially vulnerable to pollution. The work is still ongoing and a new restoration date is planned sometime in April. (more later). Thank you all your supporters – the work has begun – lets keep going!

Here is a small film that was made of the day:

Bringing A River Back To Health from andreas Kornevall on Vimeo.

Cutteslowe Primary School, Oxford

March 1st, 2016

Cutteslowe Primary School received 50 tree saplings from ERS to set up their own School Tree Nursery in February 2016. Forest Schools Coordinator Ysella Wood has kindly provided this update & photos from their school tree planting day:

“Thank you so much for the wonderful tree saplings!

We planted them into our vegetable boxes on the first Monday back after half-term, which involved all of our KS2 classes. Each class has been assigned 10 saplings to care for and children representing each class came with me to plant, guard and label them.

Being a diverse school in nationalities and backgrounds, there were some children who had never planted before and others who were keen to understand that one day these saplings would be great trees growing in their local community.

Being given the bamboo canes and tree guards with the saplings helped greatly in ease of planting and organisation.

Before the trees had arrived a Forest School Network meeting held here at the school showed great interest in my sharing of the project we were being involved with – spreading the work of your wonderful service!”

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Delph Side C P School, Lancashire

February 24th, 2016

Delph Side CP School is a community school based in Tanhouse, Skelmersdale.  The majority of pupils live in the immediate area on Tanhouse social housing estate, the most deprived ward in Lancashire as highlighted in the Indices of Deprivation 2010.  The school grounds provide the only natural green habitat in the immediate area.

The school received 50 tree saplings from ERS in January 2016, and managed to enlist the help of the Princes Trust Volunteers who kindly helped to plant the tree saplings along an aspect of the school grounds that will provide a hedgerow screening for the two classrooms, and enable safe, uninterrupted outdoor play facilities, free from distraction and disturbance.

School manager Jo Whitfield has kindly provided some photos from the school’s planting day.

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