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Climate Change March in London

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The work of the 21st century; together we can replenish the Earth.














New Educational Workshops

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Storytellinglute copyAndreas Kornevall, the Director of Operations for ERS and founder of the School Tree Nursery Programme is planning to visit STN schools during the 2014/15 planting season. The visit will include the creation of a tree nursery inside the school grounds on the day, and also a storytelling performance where he uses drums, lutes and flutes to enhance the old stories about trees and their rich folklore.

“On the day we plant up a tree nursery together, the children can tag their own sapling and plant it, we learn about how the trees live and why they matter, and we also open the old world and listen to the folklore and myths associated with trees.”

For more information click here

A Lime Tree in the centre of Brighton

Friday, June 27th, 2014

The Earth Restoration Service in partnership with ONCA (One Network for the Conservation and Arts) planted a Lime tree on the level in Brighton, the tree will symbolise the regeneration of urban areas.













New partnership with ONCA (One Network for the Conservation and Arts)

Friday, June 27th, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: 17 June 2014

ONCA - Yellow

Brighton’s ONCA Gallery will be full of trees this month for a total of 100 hours to mark the launch of 100, a group exhibition and wider project featuring 100 artworks by selected artists and young people inspired by trees.

For this exhibition, ONCA poses the question – with trees rapidly disappearing, what role can artists play in their survival?


Tree of Life

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Earth Restoration Service is going to be part of a film called the Tree of Life which our patron Joanna Lumley is also partly narrating amongst others such as Bruce Parry and BBC vicar Peter Owen Jones.  We spent half a day filming at the site of a 4,000 year old yew tree – with Andreas Kornevall, Director of Operations,  Joanna Lumley, Patron, and Peter Phelps, Chairman.  More information to come…










Andover Trees United in 2014

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

At the Earth Restoration Service we have been working with community forestry group Andover Trees United for the past few years.  Andover Trees United is a Community Partnership of 25 local schools, youth groups, volunteers and businesses working in partnership with specialist environmental organisations. Their aim is to involve every young person in our community in planting 10,000 trees in and around Andover over the coming decade.

We have provided tree saplings and planting materials to the group which enables schools and the local community in the Andover area to get involved with setting up a tree nursery and learning about the environment. You can see some photos and a video from the group’s recent tree planting days below.

Matthew Moss High School, Rochdale

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Roy Down, Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator at Matthew Moss High School has kindly provided this update on the School’s Tree Nursery

The site we now call the Community Forest Schools area, that we have ear-marked for the trees (most of which are still in the tree nursery) has been virtually cleared from fly-tipping now. A massive amount has been shifted using the Community Pay-back scheme, which makes good use of young offenders time! So, what is left of the ERS trees will be going in this winter.

We have now got some small financial backing from Rochdale Council’s Clean and Green budget, to create a path through the site to access the part furthest from the road. On top of this Inspired Spaces who are an educational link between Rochdale Council and Carillion plc, have pledged to help create some shallow ponds on the site, under the guidance of Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

So as you can see, we are really going places, in what started as a nice area to plant our ERS trees!

Our school (800 students) has joined with four primary schools (total 1200 students) to form the Roch Valley Educational Trust and we are going to use the area as a Forest Schools and Training area, as well as enhancing the area for the local community.

















Earth Restoration Service featured in the Ecologist

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

logoAndreas Kornevall tells the Ecologist about the success of his School Tree Nursery Programme….

“trees have to be planted in our minds as well as in the soils”

When I started the Earth Restoration Service Charity, with an aim to enhance and restore ecological integrity, I had successfully managed to source and gather thousands of native trees and wildflowers to be used for restoration before there was a degraded area of land confirmed to restore.

I thought it would be straightforward to get access to land where I lived, as degraded and derelict areas could be seen everywhere. But after many magnificently failed calls with local councils, I realised this was more difficult than I had anticipated.

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Claremont High School Academy, Harrow

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Claremont High School established a school tree nursery in March this year with saplings provided by ERS. Teacher Paul McCann has provided this feedback:

We have planted all the saplings in our school grounds. Some were used to replace failed trees from last year. Many of them have been used to line the perimeters of the school especially where residents’ gardens and fencing backs onto our school. We have planted them on a section of the school playing field where once we had cricket nets – we are hoping they will grow into a very attractive copse attracting birds and offering a shady retreat in summer.

We have also developed an area behind our science and Technology buildings where it is very quiet and undisturbed. We have planted some of the saplings in amongst the raised beds where we are growing herbs and vegetables. We have bird feeders her too and it will be a lovely area of the school where our pupils will earn the privilege to sit and enjoy.

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