New Planting Season 2016/17

iStock_000011304847SmallGreetings and welcome to a new planting season for 2016/17.  We have been inundated with requests for having small scale tree nurseries and wildflower meadows in the school grounds this year and unfortunately, we do not have the budget to accommodate for all the schools that have signed up.  We are doing our best to fundraise for you in order to make sure you will have a tree nursery growing in the school grounds shortly.  For those schools that would miss this year’s tree planting, we will do our best to find the support for next year’s planting.  If the time is pressing and you would like to plant this year, the option is for your school to contribute for the costs that are involved – for further information on this, please e-mail:

It is cheerful news of course that the demand is high.  We look forward to a great season ahead seeing new woodlands branching out across the UK.

Yours in restoration.
The ERS Team.

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