Bryntirion Comprehensive School, Wales

Bryntirion comprehensive school received 50 tree saplings from ERS to help set up their own School Tree Nursery in January 2016. Teacher Jon Rubery has kindly provided this update from the school’s eco newsletter for us.

“An area of the school’s upper fields close to the orchard has been designated as a potential new woodland. With backing from various organisations trees started to arrive in early March for planting. The first to be planted included Wild Cherry, Field Maple, English Oak, Silver Birch, a Beech Circle for Mr Curtis’ poetry readings (a few years to wait though!) and some Mountain Ash (Rowan) trees. The first round of planting was undertaken by a small number of the Eco-Committee, split into teams of diggers, planters and labellers, the day flew by; eventually defeated by deteriorating weather nearly 100 trees in all were planted. Each tree was encouraged to grow with a plentiful quantity of mulch, given the support of a cane and wrapped in spiral guards for protection. All of the saplings, canes guards and mulch were very kindly donated by the School Tree Nursery Programme which is run by the Earth Restoration Service, the muscle by a variety of year 7 to 11 pupils and Mr Rubery, all of whom were managed and directed by Gareth Harfoot in Year 11.

During the rest of this year we are expecting to receive further deliveries of saplings. Within a few years the woodland should be self sustaining and should start to alter the nature of the heavy clay soils with cause drainage problems in that part of the school and as such are out of use for much of the year.

The long term plan is to develop an area of indigenous woodland offering shelter, solace and bio-diversity for use in all subjects from Science and Geography to English and Maths.”

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