St. Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Primary Academy, Cleveland

St. Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Primary Academy is located in a very deprived area of Cleveland, with around 75% of pupils receiving free school meals, and most pupils are ranked as living between 0-10% in the IDACI ranking. The school  received 50 tree saplings from ERS to set up their own School Tree Nursery in March 2016.  Teacher Kathryn Phelps has kindly provided some feedback and photos of their planting day below.

“We planted the trees you donated during a whole school project in the recognition of ‘CAFOD’ charity week to emphasise the importance of caring for the environment to the children. We arranged a ‘Tree Planting’ day where each year group planted trees in small groups, we also invited parents along to help and the children loved it. The children are very excited to watch trees grow as the children move through school.

Thank you very much for your generous donation, it is greatly appreciated and the children have already shown great enthusiasm to care for the trees. Here are some pictures from the day to show you how much fun we had!”

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