Matthew Moss High School, Rochdale

Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale recently participated in our school tree nursery programme, and have given us an update:

“We have asked the local authority for a spare piece of land to start a community tree nursery. A piece of land was found very near to our school. The land which is attached to our local park, Springfield Park in Marland, Rochdale.

The land was being used as a dumping ground for waste from the park, there is a electricity sub-station in one corner, so it wasn’t accessible to the general public. This was ideal for what we wanted. With the help of the Friends of Springfield Park, we took over this forgotten corner and turned it into a tree nursery for our local community and schools.

We cleared the land of brambles, Himalayan balsam, old branches, and gardening debris. Our students levelled out the land and with the help of Carillion plc, who have doing improvements on our school, we created a small path and cleared the area completely.

Our technology department has two classes making raised planters, but we also received help from some Princes Trust workers and the local Ranger Service.We have used reclaimed or recycled materials wherever possible, the project is still only just getting going and we are improving the area as the weeks go by.

The trees provided to us by the Earth Restoration  Service are being held in the nursery until they are planted out on a piece of land near the River Roch in Rochdale. The land is unused by our community and had become unsightly by recent fly tipping. The land had also been previously used as an area for building contractors containers and had left the area unusable by the public.

The area is going to be cleaned up and the trees will form the basis of a new green area accessible by the local community. The site is adjacent to a proposed Green Corridor along the river valley. Two local primary schools have expressed an interest in using the area for their Forest Schools Work. The schools along with our school will manage and maintain the site after the planting. We have expert advice from the Rochdale Countryside Ranger Service. This is a great example of how young people can have a positive impact on their own communities.

The site is sandwiched between Rochdale’s water treatment plant and large area of local authority housing. This green space, once it is reclaimed, with the help of Earth Restoration Service will become a fantastic resource for local schools and the nearby community.”


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