The Tree Rescue Centre

(Our new programme starting up shortly)

The Tree Rescue Centre is a new tree nursery starting up in East Sussex, managed by the Earth Restoration Service Charity.  We will address the growing concern for native trees in the UK and especially those that are becoming endangered and rare in the landscape.  There will be a selection of species grown: Junipers, Aspen, Whitebeams, Black Poplars, Wild Service Trees and more.

We will plant the trees in the landscape where appropriate.  A board of advisers will assist in this process. The rare trees will bring awareness to the plight of biodiversity and what we can do to restore it.

The main tree nursery will be situated in East Sussex and will be managed by ERS.  There will be trees available for those who would like to plant them out privately if location is deemed suitable.   Advice will be given for those who take part and plant trees onto their private land or in other areas.

Our ethical standing in growing these trees are that we plant “an appropriate tree for an appropriate place”. We will be working from the standpoint that the rare trees are all of UK origin and are native (certificates of provenance will be provided whenever possible).


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