Please support our School Tree Nursery in Ecuador

We are building a native tree nursery and a seed bank in the Ecuadorian cloud forest in order to reforest and create new habitats for wildlife.  The seed bank will conserve seeds from native tree species which are today disappearing quickly. Some hardwood trees that are endangered will be planted and reforested.  The cloud forest is degraded and burnt down for grazing every year – native trees are becoming rarer and harder to obtain easily.  The Cloud forest is at the frontier of environmental action, as it has the world’s most diverse biodiversity.

We are aiming to raise £550 – this will give us a great start with seed collection, materials, and saplings to run the tree nursery for a one year period. The community will maintain it and involve their local school – children will learn about the cloudforest and participate in the restoration process, leaving their own legacy in the landscape.

We are aiming to raise £550 – this will cover the costs for native seedlings, materials and maintenance of the tree nursery (per year) – please donate to the Earth Restoration Service Charity (Registered charity number 1118951) if this resonates with you:

Easy donation online:

Bank transfer:

Earth Restoration Service

Barclays Bank
27 Soho Square

Branch no. 20-78-98
A/C no. 20521957

Please do a reference for “ecuador cloudforest”

All the £550 will be transferred to Ecuador – pictures of the tree nursery will go up under here.

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