The ERS School Tree Nurseries Programme and the School Flutter Flower Programme are providing a service to both the community and the environment by helping children in schools to learn about the environment and to plant trees and create wildflower meadows in order to restore their local degraded habitats.

Andover pupils Plant for the Planet with trees from Earth Restoration Service

March 2nd, 2015

224912_948972095136285_4239202888032112059_nPlant-for-the-Planet (PftP) s a UN Environment Programme that trains 8-14 year olds as Climate Justice Ambassadors.

With the support of the local community, community group Andover Trees United hosted its 2nd Academy on Thursday 26th February at The Portway Stadium.

A team of 7 young Ambassadors who trained at last year’s Academy, hosted the day. They were supported by PftP UK Coordinator Wendy Davis and Andover Trees United volunteers in running the event: registering participants, delivering presentations, leading games and activities and managing the end-of-day graduation.

11036086_948978221802339_1058856475305389779_n53 young people aged 8-14 from 7 local schools had signed up for the day. They learned about climate change, the imbalance of carbon-producing nations vs the continents most affected by changing weather patterns and were given the knowledge and the tools to make a difference by challenging the adults of our world to: STOP TALKING! START PLANTING!After lunch the 60 children and accompanying adults walked to Charlton Park to plant 200 trees with the help and support of TVBC countryside rangers. TVBC actively support the endeavours of Andover Trees United and Plant-for-the-Planet.

11048273_948971521803009_1734758268852747316_nThe trees were donated by the Earth Restoration Service (ERS) and UK Oak Doors and have been cared for by Andover Trees United over the past 12 months in a nursery bed provided by the Enham Trust.

After tree planting, the children took part in action planning to generate ideas for taking the programme forward. A team of newly qualifed Ambassadors delivered the closing presentation to the assembled audience and were then presented with their certificates and gifts by their young hosts.

Participating schools:
Balksbury Juniors, John Hanson, Portway Juniors, Roman Way, Rookwood, St John the Baptist and Test Valley

The Dales School, Blyth

February 9th, 2015

The Dales school received 50 tree saplings from ERS to set up their own School Tree Nursery in January 2015. Teaching Assistant Steve O’Mara has provided this update and photos from their planting day:

“Many thanks for the trees. We had a tree planting day  on the 19th of January, when every class in the school took part in planting trees around the school grounds, despite the wind, rain, and cold temperatures. The day served as a good introduction to many of the students as to the value of trees in their community, and why we should be planting them in the school. They also had a fun break from their regular lessons!”









The best technology to save the world: trees

February 9th, 2015



Oxford University scientists, after a year of research, have determined the best technology to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and try to reverse global warming.

It’s trees!

They considered methods ranging from capturing emissions from factories and power stations to extracting carbon dioxide directly from the air, and adding lime to oceans to increase their absorption of the gas, a study released on Tuesday showed.

None were more promising than planting trees, or baking waste wood to form a type of charcoal that can be added to soil. Relative to other so-called Negative Emissions Technologies, afforestation and biochar are low-cost, have fewer uncertainties and offer other benefits to the environment, the research shows.

More information here

Winton Arts & Media College, Bournemouth

February 5th, 2015

Winton College received trees from us to set up their own School Tree Nursery in January 2015. Forest School leader Heather Johnson has provided this update:

“Our trees are currently potted up in a small area in our school garden.  We haven’t quite decided where to put them all yet.  There are plans to build a new play area for the younger students in the school and that is where they probably be permanently planted.”

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture


New planting season begins

January 22nd, 2015

We are happy to announce the beginning of another full planting season.  This season we have managed to receive funding to support over 50 schools.   We will soon have more information about the plantings as the photos and feedback stories from the schools come in.  Stay posted.












Climate Change March in London

September 23rd, 2014

The work of the 21st century; together we can replenish the Earth.














Rydal Penrhos Preparatory School, North Wales

September 22nd, 2014

Rydal Penrhos School, from Colwyn Bay, North Wales, received tree saplings from us earlier this year to establish their own School Tree Nursery. Teacher Julie Woodthorpe has provided photos of some of the trees during the summer which show how they are beginning to flourish. Children in Pre-Prep planted some of the trees in the school’s local forest as part of their Forest School lessons. The rest were planted on the edge of the school field.

Capture Capture1










New Educational Workshops

September 15th, 2014

Storytellinglute copyAndreas Kornevall, the Director of Operations for ERS and founder of the School Tree Nursery Programme is planning to visit STN schools during the 2014/15 planting season. The visit will include the creation of a tree nursery inside the school grounds on the day, and also a storytelling performance where he uses drums, lutes and flutes to enhance the old stories about trees and their rich folklore.

“On the day we plant up a tree nursery together, the children can tag their own sapling and plant it, we learn about how the trees live and why they matter, and we also open the old world and listen to the folklore and myths associated with trees.”

For more information click here

A Lime Tree in the centre of Brighton

June 27th, 2014

The Earth Restoration Service in partnership with ONCA (One Network for the Conservation and Arts) planted a Lime tree on the level in Brighton, the tree will symbolise the regeneration of urban areas.